Thursday, May 7, 2020

Our European Adventure Begins - 2019

As we all face a worldwide pandemic, we are forced to prioritize the many facets of our lives.  What is forefront in my life is my family.
Sister DillyDally's Engagement - 10.08.2017
We are so busy "living" ... going from one thing to the other ... that we forget to enjoy, savor, and record that which is most important to us.
Newly betrothed with banner made to commemorate their engagement - 10.2017
This blog ... that has served as a journal ... has been severely neglected ... especially when it comes to what is most important to me! So ... for the next few weeks I will be recording the life events that took place a year ago.
  We held a small engagement party for them in 2017 ... Dmitri had surprised Elsa with his proposal ... so no thought of wedding plans had been discussed! Later that evening while the two of them were helping us clean up ... Dmitri offhandedly and jokingly suggested they might get married in France.
Early the next morning while Dmitri and I were enjoying a cup of coffee, Elsa came downstairs with her laptop.  She had already found several possible wedding venues ... in France!  The look on Dmitri's face was priceless!  He quickly learned something very important about his lifetime partner ... she is proactive ... think twice before making suggestions in front of her!  A few days later, while driving home after taking them to the airport, Mr and I knew we would soon be traveling to France.  The last time we had traveled abroad was 1980!  We were thrilled!
Fast forward 18 months and it is April 2019.  All of our preparations had been made ... details and reservations for our 3 week adventure complete!  I added up the amount of time we were going to be in the air ... fortunately, I am very good at finding ways to entertain myself!  I decided I needed a knitting bag that would function well and fit easily in my travel backpack.  I pulled out this vintage cotton print that had been gifted to me ... and with the bag features I wanted in my head ... I designed a bag!  Of course ... this all happened the day before we left ... yep, I was happily and frantically working at the sewing machine!  My husband just shook his head ... after 38 years of marriage, he was used to my habit of this behavior!
Next came choosing the knitting project that would travel with me.  That was easy!  This beautiful yarn was hand dyed by Donna Druchunas of Sheep to Shawl.
Donna is such a talent!  She is an amazing knitting designer and teacher!  I subscribed to her Natural History of Knitting program that included her hand dyed yarn, patterns, and original artwork!  This Tulip hat was the perfect choice to travel with!
We took the polar route to Europe ... making a much shorter trip for us!  We flew to Seattle the day before, had a pleasant hotel stay and arrived for our flight on Iceland Air!
We settled in ... it was a very pleasant flight!  We highly recommend Iceland Air ... terrific experience!
Always fun to track the flight progress!  We got very excited while approaching Greenland!  In 1980, Mr was part of the first Americans to ski across the Greenland Icecap!  I was a member of the expedition's base camp team.  But that is another story for another day!
We were thrilled that it was light and clear enough to take an actual picture of the icecap from our window!
We arrived in Iceland very early in the morning!  We had made arrangements for transport to Reykjavik ... OMGOSH ... how this country had changed in the 39 years since our last visit!  Our faces were glued to the window as we enjoyed the 45 minute drive!
Neither of us had slept on the overnight flight, so we were very tired.  Our hotel room wasn't immediately available ... so we took a long walk around the city!  Nothing was open that early, but the fresh air and walking felt great after our long flight!  We planned to spend a couple of days in Reykjavik before traveling on to France.  Giving us a chance to acclimate to life on the other side of the globe!  We returned to our hotel for breakfast ... our room became available ... and we took a nice long nap!  Our European adventure had begun!


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  2. Looks like a great adventure!