Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Freeze/Thaw & UFOs!

In coastal Alaska, winters are primarily a cycle of freezing and thawing! 
Last week we experienced a seven day freeze cycle ... and dang ... we spent most of the week in Anchorage.  We were anxious to get home ... clear, cold weather is something to celebrate in my remote corner of the planet. 
Nissa and I enjoy the freezing temps ... I dress for it and we spend time outdoors soaking up the daylight and basking in the arms of Mother Nature.  And if we have a bit of snow on the ground ... that truly feels like frosting on the cake!
Readers know that I got a head start on a bit of UFO (unfinished object) busting in late December, details are in this post.  It felt good to finish this charm square table topper from 2010!  It is on the dining room table!
In the spirit of finishing UFOs ... on Monday I placed a knitting UFO on it as a centerpiece!  My thinking was that if it is on the table ... I will be more likely to pick it up when I have a few minutes ... and knit!
The forecast for later in the week warned us that a thaw cycle was due to arrive on Tuesday ... so we did not let the cold and sun of Monday go to waste.
The coming warmth will mean that the ponds will turn to mush and the snow to ice ... we went out the road to enjoy the pristine winter conditions while they were available!
As predicted, the thaw came yesterday!  Rain and 40 degree temperatures!  And yes ... our snow has turned to ice!   Flicka doesn't care about the weather ... she is happy to find wool to snuggle with!  Cutest centerpiece ever!  In my very humble dillydally opinion! 
So far ... having this UFO out and on the table is working!  I enjoyed early morning knitting with my coffee this morning!  A wonderful way to begin a wet and dreary day ... dillydallying indoors!  I need to get a few indoor chores done, so this warm cycle is ok with me.  Another freeze cycle will eventually return and then out the door we will go!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Beautiful scenery.
    I hope you survive the freeze/thaw cycle!
    Flicka knows what will keep her warm. :)