Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Big Shot!

Let me clarify the title of this post ... I do not in any way ... seriously or in silliness ... consider myself "a big shot"!
Flicka on the other hand, not only thinks she is "a big shot" ... but insists that we all treat her like she is one!  I love this picture ... the look she is giving me ... it is as if she can read the words on the box and is clearly communicating that there is room for only one big shot here in DillyDallydom!  Brother and Girlfriend DD gifted me with a Sizzix Big Shot for Christmas!  A huge surprise, as I had been thinking about getting one!
A die cutter isn't of much value without dies ... I was so fortunate to receive seven dies as gifts!  All of these dies were designed by Roseann Kermes of Rosebud's Cottage and are part of Sizzixs' Quilting and Applique' products!  Oh my ... the possibilities!
I have so many fond memories of making Valentine's with my children when they were young ... the Big Shot inspired me to make wool ones this year!
Oh my gosh good golly ... I can think of multiple uses for this scalloped square die!  So much easier than cutting out by hand!
Next I cut out a few hearts ... having no idea how I would use them!
Is it legal to have this much fun?  Still no idea how I planned to use them ... but found myself in the middle of a dillydally brain windstorm!
Yep ... I made a mess!  Pulling out all the embellishments I could think of ... the addition of caffeine ... yep, a very messy trail led up to all of this on my dining table!  And of course ... one cannot make Valentines without conversation hearts!
I just made it up as I went ... using as many embellishments as possible ... because restraint (obviously) is not one of my virtues!  Some might call it "gaudy" or "over the top", but I love it!
I had five hearts remaining ... wasn't sure what to do ... and then I remembered this idea (click the link) that Roseann had designed ... I just made a miniature version!
Suddenly ... I knew who this little bouquet was intended for!  A friend ... who is just the cutest!
More beads ...
... thinking about adding buttons ...
All the stitching was done!
Here are the three dies I used.  The top two are easy to identify in my Valentines.  The water can die is what I used for the vase, I just cut off the spout and handle!
I had to decide how to cover up my stitching on the back!  Solved that by fussy cutting some thematic fabric and signing it ... just like paper Valentines!

They have been mailed ... will arrive a week after Valentines ... but will reflect my friendship everyday of the year!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. That is a great picture of Miss Flicka. You have a wonderful family to nurture your creativity. Great projects.

  2. What a great gift.
    Flicka is so pretty sitting on that box guarding it. :)
    I love her coloring, so pretty.