Friday, September 9, 2016

Patchwork Primer Party!

Many months ago ... when the Valdez Quilt Festival asked me to develop a one day beginning quilting class, I wasn't sure it was possible.  But in true dillydally fashion, I said yes!
As with most things ... planning and implementing can result in two very different results!  my public school teaching career has taught me to expect that!  ;-)  Sew ... the goal behind all my plans for this class was to have the participants leave feeling empowered by the experience.  If they feel empowered, my thought is they will continue on their quilting journey!

The class was small ... which was a relief for me knowing I would be able to give them all the individualized instruction they might need.

These four lovely women trusted me with their quilting experience ... I am always humbled by teaching others.  There may be only four ... but their range of quilting experiences covered almost everything!  That alone, was wonderful as it allowed them to learn from one another's past.

This woman had years of quilting experience that included years of frustration with certain piecing skills.  She set those frustrations aside, and gained a few tips and tricks.  It was fun to see her feel pleased with the results of her efforts!

A young mother of three has to work hard to fit quilting into a very busy family lifestyle!  Her desire to create is very strong ... she shared her frustration with starting projects and then getting stuck by pieces being inaccurate and not fitting together correctly.  She focused on accuracy and the results are lovely!  My hope is that the skills she practiced will enable her to enjoy the limited time she has to piece ... quilting should be fun not frustrating!

"I can't even hem a pair of pants!" was the first thing this woman said when I introduced myself!  I loved it ... an absolute beginner!  She was using an old Singer sewing machine that had belonged to her mother ... made my heart sew happy!  It was such fun to literally watch her skills develop, and by the end of day she was confidently working independently on her pieced units!  

Life happens and our passions and desires often are set aside.  The fabrics had been received 20 years ago from a friend that has since passed from this life.  This participant's intent was to make time to learn to quilt, use the fabric (filled with memories of her friend) she had received, and gift the results to her friend's adult child.  I was sew touched.  She made great progress and will fulfill her goal!
Teaching this class was such a wonderful experience ... each of the participants inspired me ... my hope is that I empowered them!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I think it is wonderful that you share your knowledge and skill with others.

  2. Glad you had fun teaching.
    All of the quilts are beautiful.