Friday, September 2, 2016

Patchwork Primer 2

The arrival of September took me by surprise ... how is this possible!
Fall arrives early here in my remote corner of the planet.  What was green a few weeks ago has become brown and gold.
I have been busy preparing for the classes I will be teaching next weekend at the Valdez Quilt Festival.  This is the original sample I designed to be used to teach basic patchwork piecing skills.
I felt that making a second sample would provide me the opportunity to clarify the notes instructions I wrote while making the prototype!  ;-)  Plus ... I had a couple of Americana themed fat quarter packs that were just asking to be used!  My concern was that one pack was very traditional (on the right) and the other quite contemporary.  Could they be combined successfully as neither of them had enough fabric for this project?  There was only one way to find out ... so I took the challenge and hoped for the best!
Strips became checks ...
... flying geese, right triangles and a simple border were added.  At that point ... the Snoopervisor demanded that it was time for a catnap!
Finally ... the quarter square triangles were added.  Can you spot what I did with the color placement?  I used red next to the inner border, and blue for the outer triangles ... leaving the two light colored (neutral & light blue) triangles to form square shapes.  Combining the two different styles of fabric resulted in a very scrappy look ... I love that ... so am happy with the results! ;-)
We moved on to layering and quilting ... Flicka always shows up when I machine quilt!
And ... as always ... she is in charge!  Why she insists on sitting on a quilt filled with sharp pins is beyond understanding!
Eventually we got to the point where all that was left to do is hand sew the binding in place.
The sun decided to shine this week and out the road we went!  We took long walks ... long by my standards ... we are up to 1.5 miles!  We still have a way to go, but at least my new knee and I are making progress!  I am grateful!
Love those silly dillydally moments when you realize that your nail color matches your project!  Always makes me giggle out loud!  Sometimes the simple things are the most entertaining!
The traditional bundle came with a panel ... so I used it for backing!
Fall truly is here ... the leaves are brittle ... there is a chill in the wind ... and yes, I have the urge to bake with pumpkin!
I love this picture ... it captures a perfect dillydally moment.  After a walk in the sun ... we sit in the shade ... puppy at my feet ... handwork on my lap ... outdoors in the arms of our Creator.  Yep ... a glimpse of heaven here on earth.  Enjoy September!

Do what you love.  Happy Fall!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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    What a great idea, love the American feel to it.
    Great job.
    I'm glad you had supervision though. :)