Monday, June 13, 2016

Triple D

I am content with my frumpy, middle aged life.  I live by the rules ... as long as I am the one who establishes them!  Deep within ... I am a dillydally renegade!  I refer to it as my "Triple D" ... Deviant Dillydally Disorder.  Yep, I can be a rebel!  I harness it by using it to produce positive results.
This condition usually emerges when someone is silly enough to tell me or others it can't be done!  Any attempt to marginalize myself or others also brings my Triple D attitude to the surface!  My family and closest friends know the symptoms ... and cheer me on!
I don't normally break the rules unless necessary ... but I do bend them quite a bit.  My Triple D was necessary last week while working on my son's gansey.
I am using steeks for both the sleeves and the neckline!  Gosh ... it feels good to go rogue! ;-) I tossed the instructions aside and am flying without instruments!
Kitties are champions when it comes to behaviors of defiance ... Flicka is my supervisor and inspiration!  Here she is telling me to put my knitting down ...
... and we did a bit of patchwork instead!  It felt good to be cutting and piecing again.  Such a wise kitty!
Nissa helped too!  Yesterday she and Mr. DD took me on a stroll.  Today marks the 5th week since my surgery.   My Triple D attitude has helped in my healing as well.  Yep, I highly recommend you find the rebel within and use it for good!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I'm sure you CAN do it. :)
    Flicka is a great supervisor.
    It looks like Nissa is keeping an eye on you.