Monday, June 6, 2016

Daydreaming with a Deadline!

Today marks 4 weeks since my surgery ... and now that I am off all strong medications ... I think clearly enough to dillydally!  Am not quite able to pull off a happy dance yet, but I am dancing in my mind! ;-)
My dillydally focus needs to remain on this gansey sweater!  It comes with a deadline ... losing the past four weeks has me more than a bit worried.  Knitting has a wonderful way of clearing my head ... but unfortunately it always leads to lots of dillydally daydreaming!
I have a friend in the Minneapolis area that knows two important things about me ... I love to knit and design mittens and that I covet adore vintage knitting patterns!  She recently sent me a box full of treasure!  I have loved reading each and every knitting pattern in these books!  Such dillydally fun!
The artwork on the cover of this book from the 60's just makes my heart sing!  Those dillydally daydreams are swimming "sliding" around in my head!  I yearn to recreate this artwork!  Oh the possibilities!
Other things I adore ... kitties and vintage fabric!  She included 3 yards of this amazing print ... and it includes mittens!  Yep ... I am wonderfully distracted ... in every possible dillydally way!
The gansey I'm knitting includes this Viking motif which was their symbol for happiness.  I can't promise to make the deadline ... but I am happily knitting and daydreaming in true dillydally fashion!

Do what you love.  Daydream.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. The sweater is pretty.
    What a great collection of goodies you're received!