Friday, June 17, 2016

A DillyDally Birthday!

Here in DillyDallydom, we are always looking for reasons to celebrate.  Yesterday was a big day for us ... we celebrated Nissa's first birthday!  She has grown in every way possible and has carved out a special place in our family and in our hearts.
We love her personality!  She approaches everything with unbridled energy and enthusiasm!
We spent yesterday doing all of her favorite things!
Her birthday treat was a grilled burger ... frosted with peanut butter!
It was torture getting her to pose for a picture!  After the photo, I had to quickly remove the candle!  She is a retriever, and will eat anything!  Such puppy silliness!
Like many one-year-olds ... she licked the frosting off first!  Too funny!
Our 65 pound puppy came to us as this 6 week, 9 pound bundle of cuteness.  
Oh ... the difference a year makes!  She remains a bundle of cuteness!

Do what you love.  Seek out reasons to celebrate!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

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  1. Happy B-Day to Nissa!!!
    What a cute puppy pic.