Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Outdoor and Indoor Snow Storm!

The magic happened at midnight ...
... I'm so happy we were still up when the first snowflakes hit the ground!  We let a bit accumulate on the front deck before introducing Nissa to snow for the first time!  She didn't know what to think ... she was hesitant to step on it ...
... then attempted to catch the flakes while they fell!  Too fun!  I posted a video on my instagram account if you would like to see her silliness in motion!  I know ... and willingly admit that we are those obnoxious puppy parents ... and I make no apologies! We unashamedly love our fur babies!  ;-)  Speaking of silly ... can't believe my geraniums are still blooming ... yep, life in DillyDallydom is crazy!
We weren't expecting the snow to linger ... so I was thrilled that it was still here this morning!  This photo was taken at 9:00 am.
Now that Jack Frost has arrived, Flicka spent the morning in her heated basket ...
... while Nissa pulled most of her favorite quilt off the chair and snuggled in.  My fur babies knew how to stay warm on our first cold winter morning!  So silly ... but resourceful!
I spent the rest of the morning out enjoying the weather with these smiling snow puppies!
They dove into the snow with a full force of puppy enthusiasm!  The day remained cold, so our very light dusting of snow lasted the entire day!  
Holiday music was playing this afternoon when a dillydally wind snowstorm hit!  Went to my yarn stash and started knitting!
Finished the prototype ... success!  Collected more yarn remnants and got busy!
The Supervisor was on task ... apparently everything needed close inspection!
Once Flicka's approval was given, I could move forward and continue knitting!  Love how she takes charge!  Yep ... another 007 project ... because I don't have enough already!  But I've learned ... when dillydally storms come not to hesitate ... like any type of storm, an immediate response is necessary!
It was a perfect dillydally day ... I am grateful!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. What a cute video of Nissa, she is getting so big.
    Flicka has a heated basket? OMG!
    Only the best for a hands-on supervisor. :)
    I love how Nissa loves a quilt also, so cute.
    Your knitting looks like pretty Fall colors.
    Have fun doing the 007 tasks with your supervisor.
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your snow.