Saturday, November 21, 2015

007 Auction Items Revealed!

Our quilt guild's Annual Tea & Auction is an event I always look forward to!  It is how I begin the holiday season!
Girlfriend DD and I decorated a thanksgiving themed table ... this is her first year as a guild member ... last year she attended as a guest, but was quickly put to work!  Yep ... our guild knows how to recruit new members!  Makes me giggle!
It was only a year ago that GF sat at a sewing machine for the first time ... she has accomplished amazing projects since then.  She chose to make three items for the auction ... and spent time at my dining table working on them!
She made this sweet stuffed toy duck ... adorable!
These triangular bags are so useful ... and super cute!  She sews zippers like a pro!
She pieced and machine quilted this wall quilt / table topper too!  All three items did very well at auction ... and yep, the guild had her working the event again, putting her business skills to good use! I sew enjoyed the time we spent together preparing for the auction ... creating wonderful memories!
As usual, Flicka was in charge of my projects!  Here she is giving me that look ... "Do not disturb me, I am testing the Soft & Stable batting."
While in Oregon this summer, I picked up a whimsical Fairy panel!  Had no idea what I would do with it ... after I divided it up into sections, it finally spoke to me.
I decided to make it into a large quilting bag.  The panels were long and narrow ... found some fabric that matched the colors in the panels ... and created dimensions that made a bag possible!  Here a Quilt Fairy balances on a spool of thread.
On the other side ... a Fairy is sitting on a sewing machine!  I actually had to think twice before donating this ... I love its whimsy!  It went to a terrific quilter ... a kindred spirit who appreciates Quilt Fairies! Perfect!
Next up ... a flipper!
It belongs to this sweet little seal!  Love that face!
She looked a bit naked, so we dressed her in a red ribbon!  Flicka taught her how to model!  She went to a sweet little girl who came up to me after the auction and told me that she had named her "Flower"!  So cute!  I just know in my heart that Flower will be well loved!
The final auction item was more time consuming ... Flicka entertained herself in multiple ways!  This yellow and very noisy plastic bag was a favorite way to hide and ambush me!  Always fun!
I used silk fabric and metallic thread on this project.  It was my attempt to add some sheen and sparkle!
The design is an attempt to capture the reflection of a full moon over water ... a common sight here in our remote corner of the planet!
Photo by Wendy A Ranney
It went home with the owners of the lodge where we host our auction.  She took this picture of it hanging in their home ... that just makes my heart happy!
I am so grateful ... to those who support our guild's efforts ... for the scholarships we sponsor ... to members who share their talents ... for my dillydally life here in the middle of nowhere!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. You and Girlfriend DD made some great auction items.
    I love her Tabletopper.
    I'm glad you has a tester and supervisor though. :)