Monday, November 10, 2014

More Travels

Mr. DD returned to Cordova while my Mother-In-Law and I traveled to Chicago.  There we spent two nights with Mr. DD's brother and family.
It was so nice to spend time catching up with family members that I am unable to visit very often!  This is Copper, a furry family member I hadn't met before ...she is a sweetie!
We looked up the childhood home of Mr. DillyDally in Downer's Grove, Illinois.
A view of the backyard ... very different from when his family lived here.
Hard to believe that this home was originally a kit from Sears!
It was fun to see all the changes that had taken place since his family sold this home 19 years ago.
On Friday we worked our way downtown ...
... in search of Grand Central Station!
My first long distance train travel experience!  I was very excited!  The trip from Chicago to Albuquerque takes 26 hours.
We each got a "roomette".  Small, but very comfortable for one ... a bit crowded for two.  I'm happy my MIL insisted we reserve two!  She has traveled by train multiple times ... her experiences were very valuable.  We slept reasonably well while the train gently (mostly) rocked us while traveling through Missouri and into Colorado during the night.  We watched the scenery pass by, I knit and read and we talked.  So enjoyable.  Train travel is very conducive to dillydallying!
Three meals a day are included free when you reserve a berth!  We had fun meeting others who were traveling as they filled every booth in the dining car.
Most of the next day was spent traveling through northeast New Mexico.  It is such beautiful country!
All of these photos are taken through the window of our berths.  Even though it is a poor picture, I wanted to share one that showed the front of the train.
Memories of the westerns I watched as a child, came flooding back!  I envisioned the cast from The High Chaparral riding by!
It is impossible to travel a train through the southwest and not remember The Wild West !
I must admit ... I did daydream about meeting John Wayne on a trail somewhere in this beautiful country.  Gosh ... I miss watching westerns! ;-)  Yep ... my silliness knows no boundaries!
I loved my introduction to train travel ... and highly recommend it!
The day passed quickly and before we knew it ... we were near our destination ... Albuquerque!

Do what you love.  Seek adventure.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. We would like to travel somewhere by train, seems like fun!

  2. Looks like a fun time.
    Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your train ride; I loved it. The countryside did look like an old western movie. So cool! Enjoy Albuquerque.