Friday, November 7, 2014


I've been traveling for over a week ...
... we had a long layover in Anchorage, so rented a car and did a lot of browsing.  Mr. DD and I made our first visit to the new Cabela's store.  I cannot go into a Cabela's without thinking about my abduction in a Cabela's restroom by the Southern Minnesota QBees!  Wonderful memories of a wonderful day!
All night ... super red-eye flight ... to Fargo!  We truly are getting too old for those flights.  While waiting to get into our hotel, we walked the campus of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Many fond memories of our time there as students.
After a long nap and a good night sleep ... it was time to hit the road for South Dakota.  A stop at a "real world" grocery store for supplies ended up being a trip to our version of Disneyland!  I didn't know that egg nog was available for Halloween, let alone came in multiple flavors!  Wowser!
Marshmallows come in multiple flavors as well!  Who knew?  I bought a bag of the pumpkin spice ... and later in the week used them in rice krispie treats.  They were a hit!

I know what you're thinking ... yep ... people stared at me while I enthusiastically expressed my thrill at finding such treasure!  Yep ... people gawked at me while I took pictures of common everyday items!  And of course my antics embarrassed Mr. DillyDally ... but he's used to it. ;-)
We came to help my mother-in-law move to a New Mexico.  It was nice to visit South Dakota this late in the year.
In 2006, I had made my in-laws two quilts to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary.  This one done in shades of pink, red, brown, blue and purple.
The second one done in every color for a more masculine look.  I was not blogging at the time, so it's fun to share them now.
We racked leaves ... a ton of leaves!  What fun!  Haven't done that since the 70's!
We were saved by a neighbor and his manure spreader!  When he saw how many leaves we had to dispose of ... he brought it over, helped us fill it and took it to the fields!  Love the idea of reusing Mother Natures resources!
The movers came ... what a blessing the moving business is!  It was a very large job!
And then it was time to say good-bye to family and friends ... both the human and furry variety.

We have been in Chicago for a few days visiting family and today take the train to New Mexico.  I have never traveled by train before ... so am looking forward to the adventure!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I was thinking about you when I saw a storm was slamming Alaska, but now I see you are in the states. The quilts you made for your in-laws are lovely. Safe travels to you and Mr. Dillydally.