Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simply Steeks - Fiber & Friends, Day 6

I am receiving a lot of supervision and affection this morning ... little Flicka seems happy that I am not rushing around like a crazy person getting ready to attend a knitting class!
It is hard to believe that all the fun began a week ago today ... a wonderful week!  I need to catch up on my blog posts ... let's get to it!
The second class I taught this week was "Simply Steeks".  In the past, I have taught people to steek as part of my sweater design classes.  I welcomed the idea of a class focused on just that skill and the three ways to accomplish steeking.
Steeking allows a knitter to knit a garment in the round and then cut it for openings.  
I use steeking all the time for the center front of cardigans and sleeve holes.
I wanted to teach the three steeking techniques that I am familiar with.
Each has unique characteristics that are appropriate for different circumstances.
I also wanted those who took this class to have a permanent reference tool.  Many commercial patterns suggest using steeks, but do not give specific directions on how to do it.
My hope is that by creating a reference book with samples that the knitter has done, they will
feel comfortable with the technique in the future.
Women in the class arrived with their "knit in the round" sample ready for steeking.
Steeking takes concentration ... they spent the afternoon hard at work!
Doing all three techniques helped every knitter find the one they felt most comfortable with!
This knitter had so much fun at the sewing machine, she made additional steeks!  We all giggled about how she would have turned her sample into a patchwork quilt if we hadn't stopped her!  Too fun!
By the end of the afternoon everyone had faced the fear of cutting into their knitting, completed all three techniques, and samples were ready to be permanently placed in a reference notebook!  Taking the mystery out of an often misunderstood knitting skill and replacing it with simplicity ... what a wonderful way to dillydally!

Do what you love.  Knit on!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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