Sunday, June 8, 2014


Celebrate friendship!
QBee Sam had a birthday this week!  This chocolate caramel pecan cake was as delicious as it looks! It was made by QBee Valerie ... the recipe came from a cookbook that Sam had given her as a gift.  Proof that the time we invest in our friendships are efforts well spent!  Love it!
Our birthday gatherings are not only an opportunity to have cake, but a time to catch up with one another.  An opportunity to encourage each other in all areas of our lives.  We find ourselves at different stages ... facing unique challenges ... and enjoying a variety of successes.  We learn from ... we lean on ... and we cheer for one another!  That is what friends do.
Yesterday's gathering included a bonus ... we received puppy kisses from a new furry friend, Hank.  He is completely irresistible!  Our furry friends are such fun!
We live in a world filled with difficulties ... a gesture of kindness from a friend ... allow us to keep those complications in perspective.  
I love fresh herbs ... I love blueberries ... I love handmade everything!  A friend hand painted this planter and then filled it with two varieties of thyme.  She retired from teaching a few years ago and dropped this by on my last day with students.  A thoughtful gift ... just because ... can calm any internal storm!  A friend's thoughtfulness ... such a blessing!
Photo from Roseann Meehan Kermes - White Bear Lake, MN
Friends from afar ... another blessing!  Roseann was at a stop light when this van drove up into the left turn lane!  The back of the van reads, "Have a dilly dally day!"  She immediately thought of me, took a quick photo, and shared it with me via Facebook!  I love how the side view mirror captured her taking the photo with her phone!  What fun ... such thoughtfulness!
When I began to develop this dillydally lifestyle, I made some "life changing" decisions about the kind of friendships I wanted to involve in my life.  I am grateful for my friends and humbly attempt to be the same kind of friend to them.  Just like the cake Valerie made for Sam ... what goes around, comes back around again!  ;-) 
Do what you love.  Celebrate friendship!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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