Saturday, March 9, 2013

To Build a Basket!

Building a basket is a journey.  Last summer ...
... the Metro QBees treated me to a wonderful dillydally day!  One shop they shared with me was Millie P's Quilt Shop in Anoka, Minnesota.
The shop is "off the charts" ... absolutely fabulous!
I love this idea ... what a great pressing surface!  Am filing away this idea for the dillydally studio of my dreams! ;-)
I purchased this pattern ( and the notions required) while there.  Am so disappointed that I neglected to take pictures of the samples in the shop ... they were adorable ... and obviously inspiring.  The pattern is called, Britta Hoopster Basket by Hemma Designs.  Recently, I decided to make one and chose to use a Bali Pop from my stash!
We had to begin by cutting down the size of the Bali Pop strips.  Yep, my Snoopervisor was on the job!
Yardage pieced ... now to quilt it!
Tissue paper and Flicka are a dangerous combination ... dangerous for the tissue pattern!  She is a professional when it comes to shredding it!  Here she is trying to remove the pattern from the quilted fabric.  Fortunately the pattern survived!
Pieces cut out ... time to begin putting this basket together.
This basket is shaped with darts and boning.  I was having trouble keeping the boning in place ... ugh ... stopped for a moment ... and realized that Flicka had been removing the pins!  What a sneak!  Then I got the camera ready ... it took several tries ... but I finally caught her in the act!  Some help!  Right?
Yep ... Flicka is a big help!  Honestly ... it is a wonder I get anything done ... but it is also true that she adds to the fun!
Together we read ... reread ... and read again the instructions for the handles.
Once we figured it out ... we both got busy.
While I began working on the handles ... Flicka decided to give the basket a test drive.
She can be quite the taskmaster ... and thought that my efforts at getting the handles on was taking far  too long ...
... finally she decided to take things into her own hands paws!
When her problem solving efforts didn't work out, she was frustrated ...
... cats know that the best way to approach a challenge is to take a nap!
Yep ... a good nap can solve most problems!  We should all nap more often!
On the job as my supervisor and cheerleader while I attach the handles!  What would I do without her?
We built a basket.  It is on display at the Cordova Quilters' Hideout ... Flicka fur and all!

Do what you love.  Take naps.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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