Monday, March 18, 2013

A Double Adventure Day!

I woke to a beautiful Monday ... seeking adventure ... of the dillydally sort.
At 8:00 am I decided to drive out to 7 mile for a morning walk.  I tried to get Kysa to join me ... she refused ... guess she is not a morning dog! ;-)
The trail is a straight shot to the base of this mountain.  Nice and level ... great for my knee!
Lots of moose tracks ... none were very fresh.  It was very chilly, so the snow had a strong crust and was easy to walk on.
When I was nearly there the sun had finally risen ... it felt so good!
At the base of the mountain looking towards Scott and Sheridan Glacier.
Looking toward the trail head ... Kysa missed a beautiful hike!  What a glorious way to begin the day!  It was about 50 minutes of walking on snow ... just enough challenge for my knee!

In the sewing room ... a new adventure began!  Here is the back story ...
... two years ago Bonnie Hunter inspired us with her hexagon quilt!  She has since finished it!  Seeing it live makes your heart skip a beat!
She gave us a demonstration ... shared with us how she worked on it in units ... and didn't overwhelm herself with the finished plans.  As always, her techniques were explained well and she shared tips that make it easier.  Gosh ... I admire and appreciate this woman.  If you ever have the opportunity to meet her or take one of her classes ... do it!  I like the idea of breaking things down into reasonable pieces that eventually complete a larger goal!
QBee Sara wasted no time ... shortly after Bonnie's visit she made this beautiful table topper!
Last fall, Sara taught several of us how to make a hexie project using a Sherri Fall's pattern.
I made mine into a candle mat.  I have loved hexagon quilts for as long as I can remember ... just don't really enjoy all kinds of handwork.  So after sitting on the hexie fence for what seems like forever ...
... today I took the plunge into "hexieland" ... Flicka was my cheerkitty!
Actually, Flicka was much more interested in the song birds ... they were taunting her!

First one done!
Second one in progress!  My intentions are completely unclear ... ;-) ... that is the dillydally way!  I am wading into this slowly with no expectations.  At this point, I plan to use the same solid yellow for the flower centers and floral scraps for the petals ... plans can change on a whim. ;-)

Who knew that being a "cheerkitty" was so exhausting ... she couldn't even make it through the first one without napping!  Too funny!
Found and posted on my facebook page
This was my goal today ... I nailed it!
Do what you love. Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Your making me want to go back to my hexie project I started a long time ago. You work is excellent. Flicka is so beautiful or handsome....grin.

  2. Yeehaw! So happy you finally found the time to let the hexie bug bite you. Just wait until you have a ferry ride--it is so fun to hexie the time away! If only the wind would die down we could go out and sit in the warm sun and hand piece together:)

  3. Gosh, I wish I could be there to take a walk with you and Kysa - you live in a beautiful corner of the world! As for the Hexi bug, I want to know how you make the backs of your hexi's look so neat? Mine are all wacky and uneven. I do admire Bonnie too and plan to take a class with her, some day, some how! How fun that she visited you and your QBees to Alaska! Thanks for all your inspiring and uplifting posts!