Monday, March 11, 2013


It had been a long while ... this weekend was free from obligations ... I could dillydally on a whim ... all weekend!
Early Saturday morning, several squalls of weather passed through ... snow, sleet, hail and rain!  I assumed I would be dillydallying indoors!
Coastal living has taught me that the weather can change very quickly!  By 1:30 pm this was the view from our home.

Because beautiful days are few and far between ... when Mother Nature changes the weather in our favor ... we drop everything and go out to enjoy it!  Kysa was also excited!
We went "out the road" (about 16 miles) to the Sheridan River.  The glacier on the left in the photo is the Sheridan Glacier.
Even though it was cold, the fresh air and sun felt great!
Kysa has not begun shedding her heavy winter coat, but still enjoyed a back scratch in the snow!
Another beautiful and pain free walk.  Feels so good!
The sunset was gorgeous!  A friend and I attended a local community theater play in the evening!  What a wonderful dillydally Saturday!
Sunday we woke to falling snow ... and it didn't stopped!  A great day to dillydally in the sewing room.

I have been in the mood to make something for myself ... I picked up this pattern last summer ... time to give it a go!  I love all patterns from Atkinson Designs!  Not only are her designs amazing, but her instructions can be trusted!  Remember ... I am the President of the Terry Atkinson Fan Club, Alaska Chapter.  Self-appointed of course! ;-)
Living dangerously in the sewing room!  Hee-hee!
Sewing with vinyl is not one of my favorite things to do.  I recently purchased a foot especially designed for that purpose ... it worked well!  Of course the vinyl had to be on top for it to be effective, went back to using tissue paper when it was best to have the vinyl on the bottom.
Flicka had very little interest in what I was doing.  The little song birds have arrived ... she spent the entire day absorbed in what they were doing.
I enjoyed making all the different styles of pockets for this bag.  Enough variety to make it interesting ... and fun!
Oh how I love this floral print by Thimbleberries!  It makes my knees weak and my heart sing!  I want an entire bolt!
Finished!  It took most of the day ... I have plans for this bag ... stay tuned!
I am so pleased with this project!  What a wonderful and productive way to spend the day!  I really needed a weekend like this ... am feeling recharged and ready to face a busy week!  Happy Monday!

Do what you love.  Recharge.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Oh! Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Our dog, Gus, loves to scratch in the snow too. I do wish we would have one big snow storm this winter season. I know spring is just around the corner, the birds are singing and the daffodils have sprouted through the ground. It has been a brownish winter here in our area of Ohio. Let it snow (lots) one more time. I know the school districts don't want this as they have used their 5 calamity days already.
    Hope you have a wonderful week. I love the new project...and Flicka!

  2. I love Atkinson patterns, they are always perfect! Flicka is such a joy.