Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fruit Salad in Reverse!

We have four QBees with birthdays near or in December ... I chose to prepare Fruit Salad ... in reverse!
With this recipe ... instead of cutting fruit into pieces ... I took fruit pieces and created whole fruit that is nearly good enough to eat!
Ingredients include a Golden Delicious, a Granny Smith and a Red Delicious apple as well as an Orange!
Add zippers, buttons, stuffing and mix together with curved seams!
Flicka loves it when I'm cooking in the sewing room ... because she gets to be involved.  She is not allowed on the counters when I cook in the kitchen!
She and I decided to put our fruit in a basket!
There you have it ... Fruit Salad in reverse!
The QBees met for breakfast on Saturday.  Our lives are so hectic during the holiday season ... this was a great way to begin a very busy day!
Two birthday girls couldn't make the party, so Barb and Terry got their pick of the crop! ;-)
  Both Barb and Terry brought "show & tell" items!  Barb made this beautiful tablerunner for her daughter-in-law!  It is her first paper piecing project!  Gorgeous!  I am unable to share photos of Terry's projects as they are gifts ...will share them after the holidays!  It was so nice to have a bit of time together ... even in our remote corner of the planet we find ourselves running in every possible direction ... our time together is precious.

Like everyone ... I have been consumed with grief over the events of last Friday.  I find my emotions mixed with confusion ... anger ... sorrow ... humility ... compassion ... an emotional cocktail that leaves me feeling powerless.  When in such darkness, I turn to that which brings me hope and allows light to return ...
"This is my commandment, 
that you love one another, as I have loved you." John 15:12

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  1. Your little fruit and cupcakes are so cute! I can tell Flicka likes them too. I enjoy seeing your group of friends along with the show and tell projects. I love the paper piecing project. Wish I could join you sometime. I know what you mean about the "time" together with QBees. It is precious.