Thursday, December 6, 2012

Busy, Busy! And Birthday Wishes!

Life around the Holidays is always crazy!  We're busy in all areas of our lives this time of the year!

Many of us are busy working on "top secret" projects!  I am pleased with my 007 progress.  I only have two projects left ... both are hand knit and nearly half done!  Am comfortable about finishing them on time!  I'm feeling calm and calculated ... just like James Bond! ;-)
Holiday Baking 2011
I haven't done any holiday baking ...
... these are tempting me!  It is fun to try something new!  We'll see!
Handmade decor ... Picture taken 2011
I haven't started my Holiday decorating!  Geeze ... I am way behind!

Instead of baking or decorating the other day ... I decided to do something with all the quilt related charms I've collected during the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop over the past few years.  Yep ... it is the dillydally way ... act on a whim!  I am allergic to metal and am unable to wear any jewelry ... so had not done anything with all of these charms.
This wall quilt hangs in my sewing room!  I treasure it for many reasons!
Mostly because it was made and given to us Alaskan QBees during the Shop Hop in 2011 by Mary Ellen and Randi!  Their thoughtfulness and kindness continues to touch my heart!
I sewed the charms onto the wall quilt and love the results!  And there is room to attach other charms or pins that represent future quilt vacations!  When I pass by it I am reminded of the friendship found in Mary Ellen and Randi ... and the many great shops I have visited on my quilt vacations!  Talk about Win/Win!

Happy Birthday QBee Mary Ellen!

Do what you love ... on a whim!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Great idea fit your charms! No baking or decorating done here yet either!

  2. Great idea "for" your charms....can't type this morning!

  3. I love the charm idea. Just think how many more you can add when you do the Oregon Shop Hop. Is that still a possibility? I mentioned it to one QBee yesterday and we think we shuld all try to meet up at the Sisters Quilt Show!!
    No baking here, just don't need the temptation. Very little decorating too! Our holiday will be a whirlwind with all the children arriving/leaving home at different times. I am so happy they knew the importance of seeing their brother before he deploys. Hope you have a wonderful day!