Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Abduction by the Sassy Stitchers!

One week ago today ... on Wednesday, August 8th ... I broke all personal safety rules!
1.  I accepted emails from strangers...who deliberately do not use their real names.
2.  I answered those emails from complete strangers.
3.  Agreed to meet them privately.
4.  Got into their vehicle without any resistance on my part.
5.  Rode around with them for 12 hours in unfamiliar territory.

Here are the partners in crime ... ;-) ... Silly, Sally, Susie and Sami!  Sinister looking aren't they?  The one in dark glasses ... she was the driver!  Of course! ;-)

Don't be fooled by their innocent faces ... they cornered me in the bathroom at Cabela's!  I remember telling my children never to go into a public restroom alone! ;-) It was four to one ... what could I do!
Their criminal behavior began a year ago ... you can read about it here!  And again here!  They added so much to the fun we Alaska QBees had on the shop hop last summer!  Such kindness!
We had fun calling it a "Quilt Abduction" all day, but the truth is they treated me like a star!  We visited six quilt shops!  How awesome is that?  Such fun and quilt inspiration...all in one day!  I will post about the shops later!
During lunch they showered me with gifts ... yep, I was overwhelmed by such kindness!  A handmade casserole cover for our QBee potlucks ... a pincushion made with "Dilly Dally" fabric ... a quilting mallet ... fabric "Deli Squares" ... treats for Flicka and Mr. DD ... charm square pack of "Sassy" fabric ... and a quilt themed note pad with this written on it:
May your day be fun!
Running around with...
Sassy new QBee friends!

Doing what you sew enjoy...
In the Minnesota countryside.
Loving all the sights,
Laughing and envisioning...
Yards of fabric completed into projects.
Did you ever imagine..
Any of this could be when you...
Launched a blog about...
Living in Cordova, Alaska?
You and your dillydally ways!

Honestly, I could hardly choke out the words ... thank you!  Such kindness!  Little did I know...they had another surprise for me near the end of the day!  A private quilt show!  Oh ... how I loved seeing their projects!
Susie captured the charm of Dick and Jane in her quilt.  I love how she pieced the backing!
This quilt is a tribute to her family's love for the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  It is lovely!
Sally shared this Minnesota themed wall quilt made with shop hop fabric.  Love the fussy cutting combined with the single irish chain!  Beautiful!
Oh ... be still my heart!  All my favorites ... stars ... chains ... 30's prints ... on white!  Lovely in every way!
Love ... love ... love!  And ... oh ... how this quilt matches Sami's personality!  Too fun!
She is working on this wall quilt to hang in a grandchild's room!  Sew stinkin' cute!
Silly had just finished this top for a grandson's birthday!  Yummy!
I took a close up to show that it really is a monochromatic scrap quilt ... using all shades, tints and tones of green!  What a lucky little boy! ;-)  
She really enjoys hand sewing ... her wool applique' workmanship is amazing!
This sweet nine patch ...
...was made all the sweeter with the addition of Silly's hand quilting!  I love how her use of grey intensifies the red and gold.
A 1930's miniature fan quilt!
Yep...there goes my heart again!  Look at how the hand quilting adds to it!  Using black between the pedals on the fan was very typical in the 30's.  Wonderful workmanship!
Wowser!  Look!  There are touches of detail every where on this quilt!
Love the traditional flavor of this wall quilt!
Hand applique' ... hand embroidery ... hand quilting!  Made hand!
All four of these women are very skilled and talented quilters.  It was so fun to learn about their involvement in multiple quilt groups/guilds.  They belong to a large guild that has two national level teachers every year!  Wow!  They participate in all kinds of classes and retreats!
Like the QBees back home, these women know how to entertain themselves and believe in having fun!  Their friendship was clearly communicated through humor and concern for one another and others.  I was also impressed with the many ways they use quilting to charitably serve others.  
It is so humbling to think that these four amazing women put their lives on hold and invited me to spend the day with them.  They shared their talent and friendship ... gave up time from their careers and family ... and planned and prepared a day of fun for me.  There is no way to adequately thank them.  I am so touched ... overwhelmed ... grateful ... and undeserving.  We began the day complete strangers and in twelve hours they felt like lifelong friends ... thank you Sassy QBees ... I will hold the memories of our day together close to my heart forever!  It was a wonderful dillydally day!

Do what you love.  Share your kindness.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Hi: You girls must have had a wonderful time! I'm a new follower and hope you'll come over and visit and follow me, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Minnesota is the home of some very talented quilters and I enjoyed seeing their creative quilts, especially the Wizard of Oz quilt. What a great adventure you had visiting the Sassy Stitchers. I enjoyed reading this post.

  3. The Sassy Sisters shared this story at quilt retreat this past week and I had to come check it out. These are fun, wonderful, loving ladies and I feel blessed to know them and have them in my life, as I'm sure you do. What a great experience, thank you for sharing it here!