Friday, August 5, 2011

8/2-Ann's Quilt Cottage-Bemidji, MN

Yep ... a picture is worth a thousand words ...
... when we arrived in Bemidji it took two luggage carts to get our loot baggage up to our rooms.  ;-)
Ann's Quilt Cottage used to be Emily's Country Cottage, it changed hands in May.  In a way, that made it a new store for me as well!
Their Minnesota section was fabulous!
Lots of samples displayed with their yummy fabric.
Quilter's "eye candy" everywhere!
Loads of inspiration!  We were so excited ... pulling out bolts ... looking at patterns ... fondling samples ... that we never noticed the treasure that had been left for us.  The poor owner of the store moved it multiple times ... hee-hee ... finally she pulled Terry aside and asked which one of us was Mrs. DillyDally.  She showed Terry the treasure and had her go find me ... poor Terry, she kept trying to entice me into following her, but I was in another room, engrossed in something wonderful.  She kept pestering me, so I finally gave up and reluctantly followed her to see what she was so excited about. ;-)

There it was ... another large envelope of charm squares and a sweet note from our new dillydally friends! It read...
"Hello to the Alaskan QBees & Mrs. DillyDally!  
We hope you're having as much fun as us
Even though you're not on our bus!
We are "charmed" you are in our great state
Here are more squares, but don't hesitate...
Please put them in a charity quilt,
And give it away without any guilt.
It's our way to say,
Please, just play!
After our recent state shutdown
We need to rebound...
Sew continue to drop more cash
And build up that STASH!
You know we are just being MN nice
And don't forget your bags of Wild Rice.
Be on your way...
Hip hip hooray!
Have a great Dillydally Day!
From the Sassy Sisters,
Silly & Sally"

We had a terrific time at Ann's Quilt Cottage!  We found all kinds of quilting treasure there!  As always ... the best treasure is the unexpected ... we found kindred spirits!  Friends found through the internet ... that we've never met ... reaching out in kindness!  I can't begin to tell you how much joy (and giggles) their thoughtfulness added to our experience.      

Silly & Sally ... you Sassy Sisters ... we thank you for your sweet gestures of fun!  It touched our hearts and has made our trip even more memorable!  You represent the best of the dillydally lifestyle!

Remember everyone ... do what you love ... do dillydally!


  1. Am having so much fun traveling with you girls through our beautiful state! Hope you continue to have fun as you visit more quilt shops today!

  2. We had so much fun and glad you found it fun too! I've only 1 more shop here in the SE section. I did see a van like yours today and thought it could be you! But, alas, it had Iowa plates. Thanks for sharing your travels and continue to have fun!.........

  3. Could you help the ladies at Ann's Quilt Cottage by linking their website here. These are great review.
    They have a new online store to shop. Thanks