Sunday, August 7, 2011

8/3-Bay Window Quilts-Perham, MN

It was a pleasant drive to Perham Wednesday morning...
... we have been enjoying the warm sun and light breezy weather!
Bay Window is a shop that always inspires!  We spent quite a bit of time in their wool section!
I loved the quilt on the left in this photo ... very traditional fabrics, yet contemporary in design.  The table runner on the right was heart stopping stunning!  My photo does not begin to do it justice!
Stunning pastel quilt with red accents ... I know ... yummy!
We named this room ... The Happy Place!  It was lovely ... you can't help it ... the room just makes you smile!  The QBees were impressed with the diversity of styles in this shop, but were touched by the personal attention received by the shop owner!  What a wonderful way to begin our day!

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