Friday, August 12, 2011

8/7-Fourth & Main Fabrics- Cannon Falls, MN

I have never traveled to southeastern Minnesota before, and initially had no plans to do so during this trip.  Roseann Kermes kept nudging me to spend one of our days in that area ... finally, at the last minute I took her advice ... gosh, am I happy I did!
The drive to Cannon Falls was beautiful and easy to navigate ... the town is also beautiful and well kept...
...and the shop?  To die for gorgeous!  All of the white cabinetry was made by a local craftsman, molded tin ceiling, neutral palette on the walls ... yep ... we wanted to move in and stay! ;-)
They had a terrific fabric selection ... a wonderful mix of styles!  They also developed something they call a "Six Pack".  Six coordinating fabrics are bundled together ... with their purchase you get to choose from several free patterns that uses the yardage in the bundle!  What a terrific idea!  We pounced on them! ;-)  Yep...literally pounced, it wasn't pretty! ;-)
They gave us a tour of their second floor.  This is the kitchen located in the classroom.  I don't know about you, but I would love to have that kitchen in my home!
Built in cabinets were also along one side of the classroom!  Stunning craftmanship!
This is the shop owners office.  OMGosh Good Golly!  I could work in that office!  What am I saying?  I could live here!  Everything about this shop was wonderful ... I'm so glad we went there!  Believe me, I'll be back!  Thanks for persisting Roseann!


  1. This is quite close to my folks. I am going to try to visit when I am home in October. Thanks for all the great commentary on your trip.

  2. I love their shop! I am going there in 2 weeks (there is also a winery in town that is a great way to end your shopping trip)!

  3. Maybe this was a secret "front-work" mission you did to prepare the town for the president's coming this week. Good work ladies!