Wednesday, August 31, 2011

News...Good & Not So Good

OK ... I'll begin with the "Not So Good" news.
My.  Feet.  Are.  Angry!
No ... I am not showing a picture of how unhappy they are ... believe me ... it is not pretty!  They are angry because...
...I expect them to wear these.  They are a well made, known for their comfort, brand of shoes ... but my ungrateful feet literally rebelled!
Being the clever person that I am ... ;-) ... I pulled out the shoes they were happy to wear last year.  The revolt continued!  UGH!
This would be their first choice ... not only are they broken in ... let's be honest, they are broken down!
My feet are willing to wear these when they go out into the great outdoors!
When they're chilled ... wool clogs warm them and make them very happy!
These sandals are as close to dress shoes as my feet want to get ... they are broken in, but not broken down!  What is a working woman to do?  It is frustrating, as I spend the whole day on my feet!

Hmmm ... I wonder ...
Do you think these might make my feet happy?  Thanks to reader, Carol, a pair of these "beauties"  may be coming to my home in the near future!  Thank you Carol!  I am always surprised that anyone reads my silliness, but you sought out useful information and shared it with me ... you are a peach!

Now the good news!  Finally!  I have a new love...
... his name is Jack.  In fact ... I love all nine of them!  You can call me crazy ... after all the pattern is named, Crazy Jacks!  He is one of those "Bad Boys" we were attracted to as teenagers ... difficult to handle ... charming personality ... a challenge to tame ... yep, you remember the type!
Each one has a unique personality ... remember microdots?  They were the "new solid" in the 80's!  I bought far too much of every color I could find ... what a hoot!  I swear ... it reproduces!  Every time I think I've used it up, I find more!  Love this Jack ... microdots with corn cob features!  Too much fun!
A spotted Jack with blueberry background...striped Jack with polk-a-dots ... see why I am in love with these bad boys?
But ... lumberman Jack is my favorite!  A man wearing brushed flannel plaid has no trouble winning my heart!  He is the most wonky ... I love wonky!

Well ... that's the news from my remote corner of the planet.  I can't believe that I wrote a post about my feet ... or that I walked around my home taking pictures of my shoes ... yes, the DillyDally family members are worried!  ;-)

Do what you love ... do dillydally!


  1. Hi, I found your blog through the Quilting Bloggers site. :) Hope you don't mind a new follower. I have only been blogging for a short time but am loving meeting people from all the US and the world who quilt. Love your Jack blocks!

  2. Oh, sorry about the angry feet. It was in the sixties this morning, so I'll probably be forcing my feet into (ugh) shoes in the near future. I fear they may also revolt. :) The oxfords look comfortable, I remember wearing, and hating, them in the *cough, cough* sixties. I hated having to wear them, but they were the most comfortable shoes. To bad they require tying. I. Hate. Tying. Tying or Buckling. :) Also love your Bad Boy Jacks, will have to share them with my friend Pat, who LOVES Jack (good, bad, or otherwise.) ~Nita