Tuesday, August 2, 2011

7/31-Quilt Corner-Beaver Bay, MN

The weather was perfect as we drove the shoreline of Lake Superior.
An absolutely stunning day!  We stopped a few times ... just to soak up the view!
Our drive ended in Beaver Bay, Minnesota ... at Quilt Corner!
Their MN quilt used charm squares ... love it!
Here was another quilt that made us Alaskans feel at home ... bears!
I was able to think of multiple ways to use this pattern ... yep ... the dillydally winds are blowing!
I was impressed with the way this shop was able to use traditional fabrics in a very contemporary way!  Notice the one on the right ... floral wild flower prints ... blue sky fabric at the top ... black shadow and very light background.  It was absolutely stunning.
The shop doesn't have a lot of square footage ... but it was filled with samples, fabric ...
...and tons of inspiration!  Their "wilderness" or "northwoods" selection was the best we'd ever seen.  The people there were warm, friendly and very helpful.
The drive was heart stopping ... the shop was incredible ... and I found a quilt that captures exactly how I feel some times! ;-)  Yep ... the views are worth the drive and if you travel to Beaver Bay on a foggy day when the view is hampered ... the Quilt Corner will make it worth your time!  This shop is a treasure found in the far north of Minnesota!

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