Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School Week! Love It!

Growing up on a dairy farm ... I always loved the seasonal cycles ... spring always meant newborn calves and lilacs ... summer was fresh creamed peas with new potatoes and haying ... fall was harvesting oats and going back to school.  We'll talk about winter later, when we have to ... ;-)!
In my remote corner of the planet, we teachers returned to school on Monday of this week for two days of inservice.  This was the view from the front deck Monday morning.
This was the view on Wednesday morning when the students returned to school!  I love seeing the kids ... all spiffed up in their new clothes!  They were busy learning their new locker combination ... talking about their summer ... and showing off their new shoes.

 My first day of school took place in the fall of 1962 at the Alida Country School ... I was in love with my new "saddle shoes" along with my box of 8 large crayons.  Every morning my mother made sure my pigtails were in place ... neat and tight.  And every morning, Mrs. Jurgens would place me on her lap and undo the tight pigtails then redo them gently.  I have been in love with school ever since.

Yep ... this week has been crazy busy!  But, when you love what you do, it doesn't really feel like work. My throat is sore ... yes ... believe it or not I talk more while teaching than I do in "normal" life! ;-)

Returning to work means that the dillydally winds have become more of a light breeze ... they usually arrive in the early morning hours or in the evenings.
Last weekend I took a lace knitting class with Nancy Davidson from Fairbanks, Alaska.  She and several women traveled here to Cordova to spend the weekend taking classes at our local yarn shop, The Net Loft.  It is always enjoyable to meet women with the same interests from other places ... I am now looking for an excuse to travel to Fairbanks ... I would love to spend more time with them!
Last October I saw this quilt made up at The Quilt Zone in Anchorage ( see story here) and fell in love with it ... sadly, they were out of the pattern.  I was thrilled when I came across it during our travels in Minnesota.  Sew ... I went to my stash and pulled out nine purples, oranges and yellows ... and started cutting!  I had never used this technique before ... what fun ... scary at first ... but it sew matches the dillydally lifestyle!

They have you cut all nine layers of fabric at once ... yes ... a new blade for the rotary cutter was necessary! ;-)

It is pieced ... sort of like paper piecing, but without the paper!  There are no lines to follow! YIKES!  For a recovering perfectionist, that is tough!
Then they are trimmed down to 12.5 X 14.5 inches!  No two are really alike ... each one slightly off ... just like us! ;-) Sorry, I just couldn't resist!  Sew ... I've pieced three Crazy Jacks so far, and have six to go ... then the candy corn borders ... I'm without a deadline, so am just enjoying the journey!
It has been a crazy busy week ... but a wonderful one!

My mother never could understand why my pigtails were falling out by the time I got home from school  every afternoon.  Mrs. Jurgens and I never told her. ;-)

I wonder if they still make saddle shoes?  I would love to have a pair of red and white ones.

I still love the smell of a freshly opened box of crayons.  Do dillydally!


  1. I really think the smell of a freshly opened box of crayons is the reason I became a teacher!! ;-) Not totally true but I do love school supplies!!

  2. What a lovely first school memory! And I love the crazy jacks! I haven't tried that technique yet. I have their hats and mittens pattern liket that. Someday...
    I am looking forward to school starting here in Western NY, too. I've been getting my classroom ready for my new group of learners.
    Have a great school year!

    Mrs Dilly Dally....go to this web page and scroll down to your desired red and white saddle shoes...Can you believe it?

  4. OMGosh Good Golly Carol! You are a peach! I can hardly believe it ... they are still available! Who knew? Thank you so much! I definitely see a pair of these in my near future! Thanks again ... your efforts are appreciated ... people like you make for a wonderful dillydally life! Love it!

  5. I too love the smell of a new box of crayons. I also love the smell of a new book. I too remember those saddle shoes. Mine were black and white.
    Oh the funny things we remember. :)

  6. I think every teacher loves the smell of new Crayons! I love when all the school supplies come out; my son (13) & husband just shake their heads. My son hardly needed anything this year, but I shopped anyway. School supplies & fabrics are addictive, you know! BTW, I LOVE your pictures! How glorious to see that every day!!!