Monday, August 15, 2011

Life on the Road! Part 4

You know you're in an area predominately scandinavian when the public restrooms are identified by...

... ;-) ... we won't even discuss the accent!  I must admit that I sure do seem to catch it quickly when I'm surrounded by it!  And I make no apologies! ;-)
A sunfish, painted in the Norwegian Rosmaling tradition was outside our hotel!  Love it!!  This is the land of "my people"!  Yep...I felt very much at home! ;-)
If you are ever in Detroit Lakes ... you must eat dinner here!  Yep, the food is good, but most important is how they wrote the menu!  We laughed so hard ... literally we were in stitches!  Yes, that pun was intended!
This is a Minnesota/Scandinavian Margarita ... glacier blue color and served with a fishing bobber ... too fun!  We enjoyed good food, live music, and great company!  What a great way to end that dillydally day!

When in Perham, you must eat a meal or snack at "Gathering Grounds"!  The decor there is darling, I posted about it last can see the pics here.  The food is always terrific!  This is what two of us had...the days special was cold peach soup, quiche, and banana chocolate chip bread!  Yep ... a taste of heaven!

We all had a wonderful lunch!
The desserts are to die for...we all five shared this caramel rice krispie treat!
With today's technology, it is almost impossible to escape work!  This is Lila, working from her new office in an alley!  We kept teasing her ... because of all her shop hopping, she now has to work in the back alley!  Too dang much fun!

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