Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life on the Road! Part1

We arrived in Duluth at about 5:30 pm on Saturday ... this was our view from the hotel room ... it was lovely ... how fortunate to have a view of Lake Superior!
We felt especially fortunate when we arrived in our rooms to find a gift bag for each of us.  A friend that I have not seen in 30 years lives in the area and we have recently reconnected through facebook.
Each gift bag included snacks, homemade muffins, coffee, a recipe, chocolate ... everything we would need to make our travels more comfortable.  What a wonderful welcome ... we were all very touched by her thoughtfulness!
She had dinner with us that evening ... I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see her!  It was so nice to catch up with one another.  She was such an important influence in my life while we navigated our way through adolescence ... and immediately I felt the closeness we shared nearly 40 years ago.  What a blessing to have a friendship like that!
We took a long walk along the shore after dinner ... the lake and sky was beautiful as the sun began to set.
We walked until we reached the Leif Erickson park ... even in the dark, we could see how beautiful the rose gardens were ... and the smell ... yep, you guessed it ... another slice of heaven here on earth!

Sunday we woke to another sunny and pleasantly warm day!
For breakfast we walked to a restaurant near by ... takk for maten is Norwegian for Thanks for the food.
It was a terrific experience ... a little taste of northern Europe in northern Minnesota!
Barb, Julie, and I ordered the cardamon french toast ... delicious!
Terry had Swedish pancakes ... they were served with lingonberry sauce ... lovely!
Lila had a cheese strata served with a Swedish meatball ... heavenly!  What a wonderful way to begin a dillydally day!
While driving along the shore on our way to Beaver Bay, we stopped at the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.
It was beautiful in every way.  We all enjoyed the history surrounding this important landmark.  Because we live in Prince William Sound we understand the important role this lighthouse once had.
I love being transported back in time by historical places like this ... there is so much to learn from our past ... I could have lingered for hours.
They used antique quilts in all of the displays where appropriate.  I love Grandmother's flower garden quilts ... so I had to include it in this post! ;-)

We spent our last evening in Duluth at Canal Park.  There we enjoyed a great walk, good food and terrific weather.  Who could ask for more?
Sunday was the evening we decided to begin the daily tradition of sharing our new treasures with one another.  Everyone brought their purchases to a room and we displayed and discussed our loot!  Yep ... it was a hoot!

When we visited Rosebud's Cottage on Saturday, Roseann had given each of us a gift bag.  In each one she had generously given us one of her patterns, a charm square pack of MN fabric and a Skinny Mini Table Runner kit!  We were so grateful ... she had already given us so much of her talent and time ... we were very touched by her thoughtfulness!
The QBees surprised me that evening with a very generous birthday gift ... a kit for a quilt we had seen earlier that day at Quilt Corner!
I was so surprised ... I didn't know how to begin to thank them!
I was and continue to be overwhelmed by their kindness and thoughtfulness ... how fortunate I am to have them in my life.
Our time in Duluth was magical.  The place is beautiful in so many different ways, but it was more than that.   I felt completely embraced by the kindness of others while there.  Roseann's generosity ... Sandy's thoughtfulness ... the QBee's friendship.  I am humbled by their actions and feel very blessed to have people like this in my life!  Have I mentioned it lately?  I love my dillydally life!

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