Saturday, August 6, 2011

8/2-Back Porch Quilts-Detroit Lakes, MN

After a beautiful drive through the countryside, we ended Tuesday with a visit to...
I first visited this shop in 2009, and have been back every summer since!  If I had a motorhome I would probably camp out in the parking lot for the entire season! ;-)
They had an incredible Minnesota section ... and had already sold out of many of their kits and fabric!
We loved how they displayed their full sized quilts!
More quilter's eye candy!
Too much fun!
Too dang cute!

It is always obvious that this quilt community knows how to have fun ... their clubs and retreats are so enticing ... one day a quilt vacation will have to include participating in their annual retreat!

Time for the Loot Hoot!
 By the end of the day ... every day ... we, dillydallies are pretty silly.  Lots of giggles ... we are loving our dillydally lives!  Do dillydally!


  1. when do we get to see your stash Mrs. DD? Looks like you are having loads of fun..and how many boxes to the PO later?

  2. Oh I wish I could have been at Ann's working when you came in. I so miss the people I met while working at Emily's. You were one of my favorites for sure even if you did cause me and Linda to drink! Glad to see your having fun!