Sunday, August 14, 2011

Life on the Road! Part 2

From Duluth, we traveled west into north central Minnesota.  First time visitors to Minnesota always question that it is the land of 10,000 lakes ... Julie began counting them on our first day ... by the third day, that task was abandoned! ;-)
Our hotel was on Lake Bemidji ...
... cloudy, cool weather is what we're used to ... it didn't slow us down at all!
The QBees met Paul Bunyan and Babe his Blue Ox ... and they learned that Paul and Babe are the ones who created those 10,000 lakes! ;-)
They also met Paul's girlfriend, Lucette...
... and learned of Minnesota's biggest scandal!  Paul never married Lucette, even though she had his son! ;-)
They discovered that Minnesota Hot Dish isn't just a quilt pattern!  ;-)
It became obvious that the Hot Dish is not only an important part of the Minnesotan diet, it is an integral part of Minnesota culture!  Isn't it amazing what one learns while on a road trip? ;-)  What a wonderful way to dillydally!

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