Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8/1-Peacemakers Quilt Shop-Hackensack, MN

Our final stop of the day was Piecemakers Quilt Shop in Hackensack, MN!
I drive Hwy 371 every time I visit family in northern Minnesota ... and I stop at this shop at least once ... sometimes twice. ;-)
Their samples are always stunning ... I love that kind of consistency!
Yummy wool projects!
Amazing stuff!  The most fun and exciting thing happened while we were there!
There was a sealed envelope left in Peacemakers ... for us!  What?  OMGosh Good Golly!  We were SEW thrilled!  Inside the envelope were several charm squares and a sweet note!  This is what it said:

"To Mrs. DillyDally and all the Alaskan QBees
We're so sad to say
we won't meet you today!
Our trip on the bus
means you're a day behind us...
But, we're thinking of you QBees
and all of your Tee-Hees
If you shop hop to the SE section
we know you'll find a great selection!
Will we meet at last?
To discuss this MN shop hop BLAST!
Remember to check at Ann's
for any future Shop Hop plans!"

Isn't that just the sweetest gesture ever?  We were all so touched ... gosh ... life is just filled with wonderful people ... some we have yet to meet!  OMGosh!  I love this dillydally life!

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