Tuesday, August 9, 2011

8/4-Thimbleberries Studio Store-Hutchinson, MN

Let me just begin by saying that I have always been a huge Thimbleberries fan!  In 2008, Sister DillyDally and I spent a day and drove to Hutchinson to visit the store ... at that time it was called Main Street something ... it carried Thimbleberries, but other fabric and pattern lines as well!
Terry's father grew up in Hutchinson, so we really wanted to drive through the area, as she hadn't been back there since her early childhood.  Early this year, as I attempted to locate the shop, it looked like it no longer existed.  The Main Street store had become an internet shop only ... gosh, I can't begin to tell you how disappointed I was.

After sometime I thought, what the heck ... I'll just contact Thimbleberries directly!  So I shot them a quick email, and Lynette Jensen herself replied!  OMGosh Good Golly!  I am sure they heard my screams back here in Minnesota!  To say I was excited is an absolute understatement! In her response, she explained that now they had a Thimbleberries Studio Store ... and because they only carry Thimbleberries products, they're unable to participate in the statewide shop hop!   We decided to hop on over anyway! ;-)
 Inspiration begins the moment you open the door!  This is the hallway that leads to the store ... I know what you're thinking ... we felt the same way ... let's just move in! ;-)
Thimbleberries everything!
Experiencing her entire palette of fabric ... organized by color ... yep, we were living a dream!
The opportunity to touch and see live the things we'd only seen in print or on the internet ... yep, it must be a dream!
Samples that have been published everywhere ... I had to pinch myself to believe it was real!
We were completely wrapped in Thimbleberry goodness!
Before we left Alaska, I made a list of every Thimbleberries book I own ... didn't want to duplicate any!  I owned 15 books before I left Alaska ... no ... I'm not sharing how many I added to my collection! ;-)
We really like the way Thimbleberries uses simple embellishments, like rick rack to dress up table runners!
Terry found lots of treasure in her father's hometown!
(Insert squeals of delight) The highlight of the entire experience was meeting Lynette! (Yep, more squeals)  She made a point to come and meet us ... such an honor!  She was so gracious and generous with her time.  She even came to visit with us while we ate lunch!  We were very touched by her kindness!

Those of us who have been quilting for nearly 30 years, know the powerful influence Lynette has had on the quilting culture.  For years, her designs, patterns and techniques have tutored me, as I developed the skills I enjoy today!  I am so grateful for that relationship, and then to meet her personally was a thrill!

I love my dillydally life ... enjoy my dillydally friends ... and treasure dillydally moments like this!  Yep ... I'm still pinching myself!

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  1. Have you heard of a quilt in a day class which you make a trip around the world pattern in one day? Years ago a lady from Hutchinson taught this class and I would like to talk to her or at least get the pattern. Thanks, Elizabeth