Monday, August 15, 2011

Life on the Road! Part 3

The Mississippi River is an important part of Minnesota's past and present.  A trip to this state without exploring the river would be a shame ... and "shame" is not part of the dillydally lifestyle ... ;-) ...
... so we spent half a day exploring Itasca State Park!  The home of the Mississippi headwaters!
The clouds had moved on by the time we got there ... it had become a beautiful day!
Yep ... you can't come this far and not get wet ... the cool water felt great!
Soaking in nature's glory ... so good for the soul!
We had lunch at Douglas Lodge, which is a log structure built over 100 years ago!
It was a great break from driving and shopping ... exercise, fresh air, historical sites, and Mother Nature at her finest!  We left refreshed and rejuvenated!

Itasca is 8.5 miles south of the family farm that I grew up on, so this park was like my backyard while I was growing up.  It was fun to share this special place with the QBees!

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