Friday, September 9, 2011

DillyDally Bits & Pieces

Honestly...the only exciting thing happening in my remote corner of the planet is an early coastal storm!  Yep...we've had 60-75 mile an hour winds and over 15 inches of rain over the past 7 days!  It is a good thing that I have a job that forces me to get out of bed every morning, shower, dress and leave the house! ;-)  When these storms come ... the urge is to stay in bed all day! ;-)  Up here...we don't name our hurricanes...but that doesn't stop them from coming! ;-)

Am now able to unveil one of the 007 projects I was working on in July!  I gave it to a friend for her birthday.  It is a Bare Roots pattern from their book "Down to Earth".  I love their designs ... and replaced Love what you do with "Do dillydally".   ;-)
I was finally able to finish the candy corn border on my Crazy Jacks!  Gosh...I love these bad boys... just  enough of a challenge to keep me focused, but a ton of fun to make!  Now I'm trying to decide if I should quilt it myself or not ... will keep you posted!
Mr. DillyDally left about 10 days ago to be with family in South Dakota.  During the storm, this lone eagle was perched on the mud flats in front of the house.  He looked as lonely as I felt that day ... a kindred spirit.   ;-)
Yesterday, Mother Nature showed us a bit of mercy ... ;-) ... and all is now well in my remote corner of the planet!

Wishing you well ... do what you love ... do dillydally!

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  1. Cute embroidery and Crazy Jacks...The eagle wasn't lonely he was keeping watch over you so you could dillydally all day long...