Monday, November 21, 2011

Dillydally Weekend!

Our winter wonderland weather has continued ... I love it!   What a beautiful way to begin the weekend!  On Friday evening a couple of friends and I attended the local theatre production.  The play was about the lives of Shaker women ... it made us laugh ... reduced us to tears ... and involved the use of many shaker hymns!  It was so touching to see the talents of women I know and two of my students showcased in such a powerful way.  There is an abundance of talent in this remote corner of the planet!  After the play, we went out and spent a few hours catching up with one another ... yep ... time enjoying the arts and my girlfriends ... the beginning of terrific weekend!
I spent Saturday morning finishing up two more 007 projects ...  my undercover work has kept me busy ... because they involve deadlines!  When you're a dillydallier ... deadlines can be difficult ... we are often distracted by dillydally whims! ;-)  But occasionally even we dillydalliers must focus ... especially when involved in covert operations.  I have finished three quilting and nearly three knitting 007 projects!  Whew!  I see light at the end of this tunnel!  Reveals will occur when recipients have received them!

Early in the afternoon, a friend and I went to our favorite place here in Cordova ... our local yarn and gift shop ... The Net Loft!  They were having a Holiday Open House!  The shop was filled with fiber and holiday goodness of every kind!  It is always so inspiring ... I bought yarn to knit mittens ... little gifts for the kids ...

... and this book!  I have fallen in love with Arne and Carlos ...
... these ornaments are the reason why.  I am dying ... yes, I mean dying to knit some of these!  I feel faint just thinking about it!

I worked hard finishing those 007 projects in the morning so that I could spend the afternoon and evening focused on this ...
Click here to join the fun!
... OK ... I think we would all agree that I have talked about this nonstop ever since Bonnie announced it!  I know ... I tend to go on ... and on ... and on ... and on.  Sorry, but when I'm excited ... I just can't stop myself! ;-)

I went through my stash ... selecting the blacks and lights I wanted to use.  Pressed and cut strips.  Gosh, I love the process.

On Sunday, our guild held a Quiltville Special Interest Group meeting.  You can read about it here on the guild blog.  Warning ... our guild members are very inspiring ... enjoy!
Here is my Orca Bay Mystery ... now I can carry it all in this box, but that is because we are only working on the first clue! ;-)
I ended up with 44 hour glass units ... only 180 more to go! ;-)  I don't make myself crazy with the numbers or with the deadlines.  Bonnie breaks her quilts down into manageable chunks ... which prevent it from becoming overwhelming.  I like to cut some ... piece some ... cut again ... sew again ... and eventually they all add up!  Let me repeat myself ... I find joy in the process and do not worry about keeping up or being ahead!
Yep ... it was a terrific weekend here in dillydallydom!  Do what you love ... do dillydally!

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  1. I am really excited to see these 007 projects! And I can totally relate to how trying a deadline is for us dillydalliers!
    Enjoy your weekend - Happy Thanksgiving!