Friday, November 4, 2011

Bits of DillyDally News!

Life is always matter what corner of the planet you live in!  I shared with a friend earlier this week, "All I want is just one boring day!"  It makes me giggle, because the truth is that a boring day would drive me crazy!  OK...I know what you're thinking...yes, I'm already nearly crazy .. but at least I am a "happy" crazy!

The picture you see is supposed to be my header for November.  Mr. DillyDally took it this week.  Blogger and I are having a personality conflict...they said I had used up all the memory they provide free and that I needed to purchase some ... so I did ... weeks ago.  They continue to tell me I am out of memory ... so I used every help button I could find ... since that didn't produce any results, I have been trying to figure out how to contact them ... it is impossible!  UGH!!  If anyone out there knows how to assist or direct me, I would really appreciate it!

The Really Big News
 Of course the biggest news in dillydallydom this week was the announcement of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt!  We here in Cordova are all a twitter over it!  Bonnie's online mystery quilts are always a big event.  I have only made one, but follow them when they're in progress!  I cannot believe the frenzy they create!  Some participants have become very competitive and demanding ... makes me giggle ... we dillydalliers are laid back about this sort of thing.  Having just started two of her quilts while she was here in September ... I was looking forward to the mystery, but wasn't planning to make it.  SNAP!!!  When I checked her blog Tuesday morning for the announcement ... I nearly dropped my laptop!
Of course I'm going to make it!  And I hope you'll join me and the hundreds of others as we take this journey!  Now because I live by the dillydally creed... 
  • I will work on it at a pace that is convenient for me
  • I will enjoy seeing the progress of others
  • I will not whine, nor feel any guilt  
  • I intend to enjoy the process ;-)
QBee Sara serves as President of the Cordova Chapter of the Bonnie Hunter Fan Club ... she has some great ideas of how we can celebrate making Orca Bay together!  I cannot wait for the fun to begin!

How Something Sew Simple Became Complicated
Our guild's annual Tea & Auction is just weeks away!  It is time to get serious about making auction items.  While going through my stash, I came across a panel that I purchased this summer.  Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a photo of it when it was still in one piece.  I had also picked up a few fat quarters of coordinating prints.  Great!  I'll chop it up ... piece it back together ... easy, right?
Wrong!  My brain was obviously somewhere else when I did the math!  What to do next?  Time to put this dillydally brain to work!
Instead of one wall quilt, I ended up with two!  It is amazing how far you can make fabric go when you have to!  Now... to get them quilted and bound ... always something! ;-)

Slow & Steady Progress
Thought I would share the progress I've made on my wool applique project.  Most of the produce is stitched down.  I love holding the wool in my hands ... and am savoring the process.

And that my dear dillydallies ... is the news this week from dillydallydom.  I hope you were able to work a bit of dillydallying into your week as well!

Do what you dillydally!

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  1. I am really, really jealous of your scenery (scenary?)!