Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dillydally Updates!

Wow!  I am having a tough time accepting the fact that it is already November 15th!  When did that happen?  Time passes too quickly ... I am always in the perpetual state of having so many things I would like to do and never enough time to accomplish it all ... yep ... that is my normal! ;-)

Undercover 007 Projects
I have been knitting and sewing away.  When it comes to knitting I have been traveling backwards!  Yep ... a lot of ripping out!  It is a necessary evil when designing knitted objects.  Sometimes the design work done on paper and the actual knitting appear to be two completely different things! ;-) Even though I have brief moments of complete frustration ... I love the process ... and enjoy the end result!
 Here is a tease ... hey, remember this project is classified!  I have to stop here and cannot reveal any more!  It is very difficult being a secret agent!

Dillydallying in the Kitchen
I love cooking with pumpkin this time of the year!  I find it hard to resist a new recipe for something made with pumpkin ... which is fortunate for Mr. DillyDally and my friends!
Meet Nutella Cheesecake Pumpkin Muffins ...
...they are delicious and will be placed permanently in my recipe file!  I did replace 1/2 cup of the oil with 1/2 cup applesauce.  It is a large recipe, the yield is 20 but I ended up with 24!  Perfect for a potluck or guild event!

Weather In My Remote Corner of the Planet
View from my classroom
Since my last weather report (here), we've had two snow storms, a lot of rain and one thaw. ;-)  Welcome to my reality!
View from my classroom
Currently we are in a cold and clear pattern...love it!

Unclassified Project
Progress on my wool applique project is slow but steady.  This project has no deadline ... I have found it to be very relaxing!  It has become the dillydally calm amongst the storm of ... rip, reknit, rip ... and sewing with the door closed!  ;-)

And that's the news from dillydallydom ... where the attitude is positive ... the projects are fun ... and all  intentions are good!

Do what you love...do dillydally!

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