Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Knitters are a Twitter in Cordova!

The sun is setting on a ...
... wonderful weekend for knitters in our remote corner of the world!  Our local yarn shop, The Net Loft, hosted multiple workshops with the "Yarnista", Sharon of the Three Irish Girls yarn company.  Sharon is renowned for the hand dyed yarn she creates ... she is a "Rock Star" in the knitting world.  Dotty, owner of The Net Loft, has had Sharon dye specialty yarns reflecting our community the past couple of years.
Dotty (pictured above) had commissioned her again to create Cordova themed colorways.  Friday evening consisted of a "Meet & Greet" with Sharon and an unveiling of the new "Cordova" themed yarns.  
There was a large crowd of knitters in attendance ... several from other parts of Alaska and one who came all the way from Oregon!  Sharon lives in Duluth with her husband and three children.  It was inspiring to hear how her success grew from very humble beginnings!  

Oh My Gosh Good Golly!  The new yarn colorways ... depicting life in our remote corner of the planet ... were drop dead stunning!
Dotty had chosen artwork reflecting our community as the inspiration for each new line ... this one, called Chugach, reflects the properties of the Nat'l Forest and mountain range that borders our community.  It was hard to capture the essence in this very lightly colored yarn ... believe me, it was jaw-dropping beautiful!
This colorway reflects the creek that runs from the Scott Glacier and is part of the Copper River Delta.  Sharon's color really captures what that area looks like this time of the year!  Lovely!
Do you see how she has the skeins, titled Eagle, packaged to look like our Nat'l bird?  It is beautifully dyed and arranged!  The yarn colorway had a very masculine look when knitted ... wonderful!
Dotty has had Sharon do several yarns to represent many of our wild flowers.  This year it was lupines ... the yarn is stunning ... she really captured the many variations of color found in these flowers!  There were many vocalizations of wonder by the knitters as each colorway was unveiled!
Sharon also created bundles of eight small skeins of the yarns she has dyed to represent our Alaskan wildflowers!
 She did the same thing with yarn that reflects our commercial fishing industry.  What a great idea!  It was like getting a sampler ... like a box of chocolates for knitters! ;-)
Saturday morning, Sharon taught a workshop on how to knit with hand dyed yarns.  It was very useful and she shared many tips that will help us all have success with our projects.  In the evening she led a session on how to substitute yarns when using patterns.
Today was spent learning how to dye yarn.  Sharon is very generous with her talent ... we learned so much!
She was so personable and made everyone feel very comfortable.
It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from Sharon.  We are so fortunate to have a yarn shop owner that provides us with the opportunity to learn from a professional artist like Sharon ... because of Dotty's efforts we all continue to grow and evolve as knitters. It is wonderful!
It was terrific to spend the weekend dillydallying with a "Knitting Rock Star"!  That certainly doesn't happen often in our remote corner of the planet!

Have a great week! dillydally! ;-)


  1. An item on my bucket list is to learn to spin, then to dye fiber...

  2. This looks like so much fun. Can we see the yarn you dyed?