Friday, June 17, 2011

Second "Sew to Go" Project!

It is a beautiful morning in my remote corner of the planet ... this was taken from the front deck at 5:30 this morning ... and yes...
... I was still in my nightgown ... am just hoping everyone else in town was still sleeping!  ;-)  But don't let those clear skies and sun fool you ...
... we have been living with refrigerator temperatures!  It has been so cold down here on the beach that ...
... I've had to bring in my flower baskets at night!  The plants look like they do in September!  We have lived in this house for 24 years and I've never had to do this in June!  Crazy!

I spent most of yesterday dillydallying over this...
... yep ... our big quilt adventure is only 6 weeks away!  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to share this with my friends!  It is becoming hard to fit everything I want to do with them into the 10 days we'll be traveling together!

We have been preparing for the trip with our "Sew to Go" events.  You can read about the first one here.  Last night we held our second event ... we went out for dinner first ... the rest of the evening was spent creating a very useful travel item ... one designed specifically for a trip like this ... 
The pattern was published in this 2009 publication ...
... it is a Shop Hopper's Bag!  And it was designed by Minnesotan, Sherri Falls of This and That Patterns!  I'm telling you ... it was destiny!  ;-)  These two are finished except for the buttons on the front!
We were so busy ... cutting ... sewing ... visiting ... and giggling that I neglected to take any pictures of us in action!  Here is Valerie with her bag.
Terry made her bag using fabric by Minnesota designers "Holly Taylor".  I told her not to be surprised if her bag turns up missing and finds itself on my shoulder! ;-)
Here is Barb with her red floral bag ... it is beautiful!
Lila made her bag with floral batiks.  Gosh it was so much fun to spend time together ... sewing ... and an opportunity to catch up with one another.  I love everything about group sewing activities ... one being ... even though we are making the same project, it is always fun to see how each person's personality is expressed in the end result!  I absolutely love that!

I have one remaining "Sew to Go" event in the works ... I am having so much fun getting ready to go on this trip ... I can only imagine the funsense we'll have on the roads of Minnesota!  Gosh I love my dillydally life and my dillydally friends!

Do dillydally ... with friends!


  1. While you all are frolicking in fabric shops, I will be embarking on a 60 day cruise of the Prince William Sound on a testosterone filled fishing vessel, donned in fashionable neon orange fishing rain-gear. Am I a little bit jealous, plus envious & excited for you? You bet I am! I can't wait till I see all the inspiration you bring back.

  2. Love this pattern, and LOVE seeing all those lovely ladies faces from home :)

  3. You do lead the dilly-dally life...don'tcha...

  4. Do REAL dilly-dally people get up at 5:30 AM????? Can't wait to maybe see you in Minnesota! Mary Ellen