Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. DillyDally!

Today is Mr. DillyDally's Birthday!  He was the first born in a family of five children...I always have loved the fact that he was born near Mother's Day!  In honor of the day, I decided to scan and share some photos of him teaching his children the things he loves to do.  Sister is three (1986) in the photo above...she had received her first pair of cross-country skis for Christmas.  She always referred to him as "my papa"... like someone else might claim him ... ;-) !  Her Papa is strapping on her skis for her first lesson!
By 1991 Sister had learned to share her Papa with Brother ... this is a picture of him teaching Brother DillyDally how to fish for salmon.  Brother is three and had received the fishing pole that Papa is holding for his birthday.  Hard to believe that a pole that size can catch anything!  ;-)

Wonderful memories ... have a wonderful day Papa DillyDally!