Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Change in Season!

Yep ... signs of the change in season are everywhere in my remote corner of the planet!
The sun has already been up for a while when this picture was taken from my front deck at 5:00 am.
 All the ice has melted on Eyak Lake.
Our local garden supply store is open!
The sun is still so bright at 8:30 pm that it is difficult to work on our digital scrapbooking project.
Much of the snow on the mountains has melted ...
... and the rivers are swelling from the run off.
Our seasonal restaurants and businesses have reopened!
Kysa is especially happy because ...
... Brother DillyDally has returned from college for the summer!
Our boat harbor will empty today ...
... because our famous salmon are returning to their home, the Copper River.
We watched the commercial gill net fishing fleet leave today...
... to harvest those salmon.  We can't wait to see that wild salmon on dinner plates all around the world, including our own! ;-)
Teacup isn't as easily impressed ... she only tolerates our enthusiasm and finds us all somewhat irritating! ;-)
And then ... like frosting on a cake ... a small bit of green revealed itself today!  We welcome and embrace this change in season!  Enjoy the changes in your corner of the planet as well!  Do dillydally!

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