Monday, May 30, 2011

Busy, Busy Weekend!

We have enjoyed a week of terrific (unusually warm) weather in my remote corner of the planet!  The next two pictures were taken from my front deck at 5:30 in the morning on Friday...
... what a wonderful way to begin the weekend!  This was the last week of school for our seniors ... yep, you can guess how crazy it was!  But a good crazy!  

It was another week of very little time to dillydally ... I anticipated that, so last Sunday I pulled out a WIP that would be easy to pick up for a few minutes here and there.
Further adventures in wool applique'... ;-) ... still not too sure about my abilities.  I picked up this kit in Minnesota last summer ... sorry ... I can't remember where.  There was a sample of it on display ... and I fell in love with it ... a mother hen looking after her chick ... yep, it definitely pulled my heart strings!  When I pulled it out of storage, there was only one short border finished.  As can be seen ... those little tidbits of time add up ... it is nice to have a project I can easily pick up and put down without losing my place or having to reread the directions!

Mr. DillyDally and I spent most of Saturday going though items we've had in storage for too many years.  I did find one treasure ... will share more about that in another post.  Graduation was late in the afternoon and then the evening was spent attending receptions.  I love working and living in a small community where I have watched many of these graduates grow from infancy.  It is a honor to watch them evolve and to be a part of their lives ... gosh ... I love my job, teaching is a privilege.

Sunday was spent doing weekly chores ... I can hear my mother's voice ... she always said, "The only time anyone notices your housekeeping is when you haven't done it."  She was so right ... but I just wish my efforts would last a bit longer ... at the end of the day it looks like I didn't do anything!  ;-)

Today, we celebrated Memorial Day by going on a picnic out at Sheridan Glacier.
  We kept it simple ... 
... the DillyDally men built a small campfire.
Our first fire roasted hot dogs of the season ... it must be summer!
 After eating we went on a hike.  Brother DillyDally works for the U.S. Forest Service during the summers on their Trail Crew.  He loves both being in the woods and the hard physical labor of his job.  This is a bridge he helped build ... they have to pack in their tools and supplies ... difficult work ... but very gratifying ... it was fun to see the results of his efforts today!
Alpine meadows are usually very wet and soggy, but with a week of sunny weather, it was very dry and as you can see, not very green yet.
The only thing blooming at this elevation is "Skunk Cabbage" ... it is beautiful, but you can guess what it smells like!  ;-)
We stopped here at the waterfall.  Because we have had no rain for a week, the water isn't especially high ... this is primarily snow melt from the higher elevations.  Kysa enjoyed the view as well!
Hiking Partners
The Sheridan Glacier

One more week of school for the students ... another week after that of inservice ... and then summer truly begins for me!  There is a lot of dillydally dreaming going on in this head of mine ... in two weeks I'll be a full time dillydallier!  Join me ... you become a dillydallier too! ;-)


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I needed a few minutes of dilly dally time this morning before heading off to school, and look who left a lovely dilly dally post!!
    Thanks and have a great week!

  2. I want to be a full time dillydallier....