Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Travels Down Cobblestone Lane Continue!

The "Lucky Seven" (two were out of town) continued their travel down Cobblestone Lane on Saturday at a local restaurant.  Here they are showing the second block...we all got the giggles when one came with her block in progress...she is second from the right...she had pieced one right triangle!  Too fun!  Actually, we are not placing any pressure like deadlines on ourselves or one another...there will be NO GUILT associated with this block of the month...just a shared experience and quilt with some QBees!  QBees stands for quilt buddies...I came up with that because it is easier to say and write!

After a leisurely lunch of catching up with one another we headed for a local quilt store...of course!  Look what was greeting us when we got there...

Can you see the scissors coming out of their heads?  Sort of scary, isn't it?  Hee-hee!  We laughed so hard!  Look what we have to do to entertain one another during our long dark winter...we just have too much fun!

Find some QBees...laugh till it hurts...dillydally with them...result is a shorter winter...I promise!


  1. Shannon called to tell me about this picture. She said it is her new favorite. Fun!

  2. I love the photo and the scissors! What fun!


  3. Your quilts are amazing! Emma R. told me about your blog. I was in your Home Ec. class my senior year (back in 1992). That's where I learned to quilt, so I've been making quilts for all my nieces and nephews and my own kids. They're not nearly as amazing as yours, but I do enjoy designing them and making them. Thank you for teaching me!

  4. Hi, I work at Emily's in Bemidji and you came into the shop to talk to us when your father pasted and I have been enjoying your blog ever since. Thanks so much for the inspiring and humorous tales. I loved reading about your shop hop experience and hope you get to do it again. I have added you to my favorites and look every couple of days for a new post. Happy quilting.