Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Half-Way Mark on Cobblestone Travels!

The "Lucky Seven" traveling down "Cobblestone Lane" have completed half of their journey!  QBee (Quilt Buddie) Diane invited us to lunch in her home to celebrate!

It was such fun to see Diane's collection of Snowmen Cookie Jars!
She inherited many of them from her mother, and has added to it over the years!  Each one was so unique and has a story attached to it...I loved it!

Her snow people collection was not limited to cookie jars...
...there were snowmen everywhere...this is just a small representation of her was wonderful!

One of the "Lucky Seven" is traveling over the holidays, so there were six of us who enjoyed the luncheon Diane (on the left) prepared.  She made Spicy Pulled Pork from the Pioneer Woman's new cookbook.  If you are unfamiliar with the Pioneer Woman, check out her blog here.  We are some of her biggest fans!

After a leisurely three-hour lunch, we shared our third block and took home the kit for the fourth. 

Dillydallying...spending an afternoon in the company of QBees...sharing our lives...talking about quilting and almost everything else...eating great food that was lovingly prepared...surrounded by a snowman's version of Disneyland...yup...for those few hours it was the "happiest place on earth"...dillydallying = happiness!


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