Saturday, May 27, 2017

UFO Busting!

Everyone in my remote corner of the planet is busy!  Our population has doubled ... it is difficult to find a parking space in town ... commercial fishing has begun ... yep, our seasonal economy is in full swing!
Impossible to get Nissa to pose ... but occasionally a photo bomb works out!
My 007 work continues ... I'm no longer neck deep as a couple secret projects are finished and have been delivered!  Whoot!  Whoot!  But ... I am still waist deep!  Secret agent progress continues ... and am unable to show those!  However, I have been doing a bit of UFO busting that I can share!
Digging in the DillyDally "vault" has brought to the surface projects I'd forgotten about!  This was a "twister" class I took years ago.  It was before they made rulers for this technique.  All the piecing was done, I had even marked the quilting lines!  I dug in the stash ... found some fabric that would work for backing ... and got busy!  Fortunately, I had already cut the binding and had stored it with the top!  It feels great to have it done ... it will serve as a table topper this fall!
Here is another "oldie but goodie" made with one of my all-time-favorite fabric lines!  It is a Moda fabric, designed by Me & My Sister called Strawberry Lemonade!  I have made so many projects using this fabric!  This was a table runner I pieced using a jellyroll.  The pattern came from a magazine.  Fabric from my stash was used for the backing and binding ... and done!  
This is a UFO that isn't very old!  It is my first online mystery project!  I signed up for it while traveling in Iowa last fall!  I had started and was about half done with the piecing ... then life got in the way ... hmmm, that seems to happen a lot.  It was on the top of the UFO pile and the mystery had been revealed months ago!  I finished the piecing!  I really like the design and layout so I was happy to finish it!
The next few UFOs/007 projects are too large for my small sewing space, so midweek I commandeered the dining room table!  Flicka took charge and supervised the move!  Can you find her in the above photo?  She is dwarfed by the pile of projects!
We've been busy!  This table runner was made with a Honey Bun ... years ago!  Another fabric line that I loved and used in multiple projects!  The piecing was done ... had to layer, quilt and will bind!
Flicka is in charge ... as always!  Here she is evaluating my machine quilting on this 007 project!  She is such a task master!
Occasionally she does insist we take a break!  It is not a secret that this petite furball has my heart in her paws!  Cannot imagine accomplishing anything without her!
Our days are long with the sun rising around 4:30 am and setting about 10:45 pm.  We received several inches of rain this week!  All this 007 and UFO work has been getting done because it is too wet and cold to be outdoors for very long!  Win/win for a dillydallier!
I took this pic yesterday on our front deck ... hail falling from blue skies!  Yep ... all four seasons in an instant!  Too fun!

 Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Great UFO projects.
    I love the Twister table topper, such pretty Fall colors.
    I'm glad you had supervision through all of this. ;)