Monday, April 24, 2017

An "Egg-ceptional" Adventure!

Shortly after I retired, my friend Barb and I began having "Dillydally Playdates".  We try to get together once a week, and work on projects while visiting and solving all of the world's troubles!  Over time, others have joined us ... it is sew dang fun to dillydally with friends!  
Barb's birthday is in early April ... a while ago I came across the kit from Purl Soho ... and decided that we would celebrate her special day by making wool felt Easter eggs!
Our first playdate resulted in us each making one large egg!  We had mastered the technique and were hooked!
We met the following week ... added fellow dillydallier Sue, to the mix ...
... and between the three of us, we made a nest full of eggs!
Easter came and went ... and the three of us continued creating eggs!  
Yep ... we are addicted!  I have several 007 projects underway, so felt the need to tie up this adventure.
I made two additional large eggs, so that I would have a half dozen for my spring basket.
Then ... right before I packed up this adventure ... those dillydally winds began to blow!  I had to make one more small egg ... put an Alaskan Forget-Me-Not on it ... and under stuffed it!
It has a purpose!  I have been in need of a small pin cushion for my "Wool Applique' Tool Kit" ... and this sweet little egg works and fits perfectly!  Plus ... it will remind me of the fun I've had on this Egg-ceptional adventure with my dillydally playdate pals!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Sounds fun and addicting.
    The eggs are all so pretty.