Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Teaching at FisherFolk 2016!

I taught two classes at the Fiber and Friends: FisherFolk 2016 event!  It was such fun to have the opportunity to share some of the skills I enjoy!

Simply Steeks
The first class I taught last week was Simply Steeks.  Steeking involves cutting one's knitting.  I'll never forget my first experience steeking ... it was frightening!  My goal with this class is to remove and replace the fear ... with the possibilities that steeking creates for a knitter!  When I begin this class, we look at everyone's homework and discuss gauge.  All participants used the same weight yarn and needle size ... yet everyone's knitting is a different size ... just like us!  ;-)  Love that!
We got right to work ...
... they all look so serious at the beginning of class!  I try to lighten things up ... in hopes of fighting off a bit of their apprehension.

Eventually ... as they make progress ... smiles replace the frowns!  And most are usually surprised at how simple each steeking technique is!  Fear has been permanently replaced ... that is my hope!
Each participant is given a notebook ...
... with pages explaining the technique and space to permanently attach their sample.  My intent is that they have a permanent resource they can use in the future while working on their projects.

Color Theory for Textiles

As part of my formal post secondary education, I was fortunate to have several classes that involved color and design applications for textiles.  During my adult life I have noticed how apprehensive and unconfident many people are when it comes to using color in their lives.  I have wanted to teach a class like this for years ... and was thrilled when Dotty gave me the opportunity to teach it!
 My intent with this class was to teach the academic concepts of color in a very organic way!  They had to create the color!
When a person knows and understands the orgin of a color ... it becomes easy to apply the simple academic principles of color combinations.  Plus ... honestly ... it is fun to play with paint!
Again ... my intent was to have them create a permanent reference!  When I teach this class again, I would prefer to teach it over two days.  I touched on all the color concepts, but we ran out of time for them to really experience it for themselves.  We all learn best by doing, and there just wasn't enough time for them to have the color experiences I hoped for.  Each time I teach a class ... I learn as well!
I love teaching!  I am so grateful to The Net Loft (our local yarn shop) and Dotty (owner) for giving me the opportunity to do so!  I also appreciate those that took my classes.  My hope is that they are empowered by the possibilities their new skills will give them!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally  

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  1. Looks like a fun class.
    Glad you enjoyed teaching it.