Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Keeping Cool!

We have had a week of exceptionally warm weather ...
... and no one is complaining!
Well ... almost no one!  The heat has been a bit tough on our family member who wears a black fur coat!
To help her battle the heat, we seek out cool water sources daily for her to play in.
She likes to submerge herself entirely.
Waterfalls are especially refreshing!
Laying in the shallows of a lake helps too!
Sticking your face underwater with a friend appears to be effective ...
... and results in two very tired and happy puppy pals!
All this sunshine makes my daily walks all the more enjoyable ... and my knee stronger!  And of course Nissa's silliness adds to the fun!
She uses even small bodies of water like this muddy puddle to cool off!  It cracked me up when she even plopped her head down!  She is such a goofball!
Flicka is in clear opposition, as always!  She loves soaking up the heat and avoids all bodies of water!  She communicates her smugness in true kitty defiance and has no sympathy for Nissa's discomfort!
Do what you love.  Stay cool!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Looks Like Nissa is one smart doggie. :)
    Flicka looks like she is supervising.
    Stay cool!