Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Force is Strong in this Family!

The DillyDally family has always been driven and influenced by the Force.  You may not know this ... but The Empire Strikes Back was Mr. DD and my first date!
We are huge Star Wars fans!  Our children knew and could recognize the Star Wars theme music before they were born!  As a family we have celebrated each addition to the Star Wars saga ... so we were thrilled that a new one was being released this past December!
I find that gift giving for adult children can be challenging  As I struggled with what to get them for Christmas ... the movie release date approached ... and online fabric sources started advertising Star Wars themed fabric!  I decided every DillyDally household needed a Star Wars lap quilt!  I quickly went online and ordered fabric!
Novelty prints get lost if they are cut into small pieces ... sew .... I used this pattern from Thimbleberries "Lake Life" book!  A simple pattern that allows the print on the fabric shine!
Easy piecing ...
... and easy cutting were necessary because my timeline was short!  Nothing like 007 work under pressure!
QBee Diane with her long arm quilting skills saved the DillyDally holiday!  Not only is her workmanship beautiful, but she got them back to me very quickly!
I brought "Her Majesty" out to the dining room table and got busy applying the binding!
Of course ... Jedi Kitty was supervising and assisting ...
... the our Jedi Apprentice was working hard to be part of the process!  Seriously, sometimes I can't believe I get anything done!  They do slow the dillydally process down, but they definitely make up for it in entertainment!
The quilts were labeled ... done!  Two finishes in record time!
Sister took this photo of her quilt ...
... in her California home.  I like how this photo catches the quilting that Diane did ... I love it!
Our Jedi Girl wrapped in her quilt ...
... and our Jedi Boy snuggled under his on Christmas Day!  Oh how these two photos make my heart happy!
I love this photo of Jedi Kitty supervising the Jedi Apprentice ...  it makes me giggle and completely captures the silliness of my dillydally life!  Yep ... the Force IS strong in this family!

May the Force be with you ... always!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. What great quilts, and done so quickly!
    I bet they love them.
    I'm glad you had some supervisory help. ;)
    Love the last pic of your helpers.

  2. Love seeing these Star War quilts completed along with the Jedi helpers. That was the perfect pattern to showcase the fabric.