Sunday, January 17, 2016

Knitting & Fur Babies

When you live with a seven month old puppy, nothing ever inhibits you from helping that puppy wear off some of their energy!
Mornings are still a bit dark here in our remote corner of the planet ... it gets light around 9:30 am.
Nissa loves to play "Catch Me If You Can" ... and of course, it is impossible to keep up with her!  I occasionally drop a mitten when I stop to take a photo ... she is fast and snatches it!
I eventually get it back ... something else distracts her and she drops it ... and it is my turn to snatch it!  It's pretty obvious which mitten was part of her game on this very wet and muddy day!  Too fun!  This is as close as I can let her get to my knitting ...
Nissa is a "shredder" ... and is very proud of her abilities!  See that tail wagging? I had just put in a load of laundry ... yep, that ball was demolished in seconds.
She has very poor knitting manners ... ;-) ... and cannot be trusted around yarn or knitting projects.  On a few occasions, she has been quick and gotten some in her mouth ... I can't believe how fast I was able to move on those occasions!
Flicka, on the other hand ... has excellent knitting manners.  She required no training ... very unusual for a kitty.
Under her close supervision, we recently ...
... finished a project ...
... designed specifically for her!  I designed this myself and am mostly happy with the results.  Knit with love for my well-mannered fur baby!
I made a few tweeks and adjustments to my pattern and cast on for the next version!
This one is being knit with love for the fur baby with very poor knitting manners.  ;-)
The truth is ... having a puppy in the house has cut into the amount of time I have available to knit ... but I sneak it in here and there.  Fur babies and all they require teach their humans so many important dillydally skills ... we've enjoyed how Nissa has retaught us the importance of play ... both in and out of doors!

Do what you love.  Love & play with your fur babies!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally    


  1. Yes, you should be very pleased with the results of the very detailed stockings. Looking great!

  2. Nissa is testing you. :)
    Flicka looks so content.
    Those stocking s are so very pretty.